@zlzlml Please RT the tweet below.. All the staffs and managers also learned it quickly. It’s for a good cause.. For hope.. Our small hope can be a great hope for those friends.. Fighting! We’ll keep adding videos.. Please pray so friends from all over the world can participate

Have you guys all seen g.o.o.d luv video? Please tell others about this flash mob. I’ve heard that if there are lots of people participating then there will be more sponsors. And do it together… We’ve all done it.. We learned it in 10 minutes.. You will join us right?



People with absolutely no talent in dancing can also do it.. Just think of it as radio gymnastics.. And while doing this.. think of it as if you are doing it with the blaggies..This flash mob has the simplest moves in it.. But if you can’t seem to get certain moves then repeat that part over and over.. Videos for partial moves will be posted soon.

Translated by: @bcrystal89 ; Shared By: mblaquality.wp