Joon will be joining the new sitcom!!

[EDaily Star in Reporter Seungjoon Yang] Lee Joon(24) from group MBLAQ will be joining the KBS2 Daily sitcom ‘In Need of an Angel [선녀가 필요해]’ (directed by Chansu Go, Hummoon Jung Scripted by Gwangho Shin, etc.)

Lee Joon will be playing a roll of an aspiring actor. His character has the same name and similar personality as Joon. Lee Joon in sitcom is gentle in every matter and likes strange things. “We’ve tried to put the “real” Lee Joon in the character as much as possible” said the staffs. Lee Joon has lot of scenes with Seulhe Hwanghu. Lee Joon’s character from sitcom has a crush on Chehwa (role of Seulhe Hwanghu). And he is the only person who believes the fact that she is an angel.

Addition of Lee Joon will be a booster to the sitcom.

‘In Need of an Angel’ gives humor through strange characters played by Inpyo Cha, Haejin Sim and Seulhe Hwanghu but relatively younger roles can’t seems shine a light in the sitcom. Staffs said “Lee Joon is receiving attention with his witty and random character in entertainment shows, but he is also a very attractive actor” and added “We’ve added Lee Joon to give a booster to our sitcom.”

Lee Joon has finished his first shooting on April 2nd successfully. He has passed the awkwardness of first shooting with his witty self. His part in the sitcom will be aired starting second week of this month. One of the media staffs said “We have to see if addition of new face in ‘In Need of an Angel’ and ending of MBC’s ‘High Kick! The Counterattack of short legs’ will provide a booster in raising the ratings”

Lee Joon has first started his acting career as a child actor for Rain in ‘Ninja Assassin’ in 2009. Then he debuted in Korean drama with ‘Jungle Fish 2’ in 2010. Recently in MBC ‘Golden Fishery-Radio Star,’ with his witty character he has been receiving spot lights as an ‘entertainment-dol’

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