MBLAQ‘s G.O. and Seungho showcased their more suave, and sensual charms.

On a recent recording of MBC‘s ‘Beautiful Concert‘, G.O. & Seungho performed a piano version of Eric Benet‘s ‘Hurricane‘, displaying a fresh new image that’s different from their usual fierce stage personas.

Seungho who is known to be a skilled piano player opted to play the intro of the song with his piano replacing the guitar in the original song. Living up to his title as ‘Yang Chopin’, Seungho impressed with his flawless piano playing.

G.O. also did not disappoint, and his appealing husky vocals harmonized well with Seungho’s performance, swooning the ladies in the audience.

MBLAQ also performed their powerful performance for “Run“, displaying their classically explosive masculine charms.

The MBLAQ episode of ‘Beautiful Concert’ airs on April 3rd at 5:00PM KST.


Source: My Daily via NATE
Translated: leesa86 @allkpop.com
taken from: 93liners @mblaqattack.net
shared by: mblaquality.wp