120213 [NEWS] Blaq Charisma… MBLAQ

Singing, dancing, looks, a male idol group that has all three.

Especially powerful performances and charismatic manliness is this group’s charm.

MBLAQ, who is currently at war in the K-POP scene with their recent song ‘It’s War’, showed their charms today as they guested on YTN’s Issue and People.

Group MBLAQ has five members consisting of: Seungho (Leader, Vocal), G.O. (Main Vocal), Lee Joon (Vocal), Thunder (Vocal, Rap), and Mir (Rap).

First off, an anchor battle was started as the nervous Lee Joon and Thunder were asked to read a part of the script of the anchors.

In this battle, Lee Joon had a sweet victory.

The eldest Seungho shared a story about the popularity of ‘It’s War’ by describing how his grandmother and her friends were dancing and exercising along to their song.
***I think they messed up, it was Mir who said so in the broadcast.***

They also said that they practiced for performances such as the 2nd step high kick, the bullet shot acting, and the front roll ceremony.

Lee Joon also showed his quirky charms by showing his bullet shot acting.

They also said that during the shooting for ‘Hello Baby’ they were giving the children discipline lessons and expressing fatherly love, and also said that they had the confidence to be good fathers in the future.

Thunder also showed his unique love for his sister by showing appreciation for her support and saying that he would like her to marry late, and that he would like to pick her husband.

We also asked how it felt to be under Rain and to be called his students, and they said that it was an honor, and it was a encouraging message for them to be pressured to not bring shame to his name.

They also said that they were pressured because they used to practice 10+ hours a day with Rain, so they were even more afraid of bringing him disappointment and doing bad even though they were taught under Rain.

Lee Joon said that he worked out so much for Ninja Assassin that it was very difficult for him to dance. He had to get rid of some of his muscles.

We asked the five members several questions to which they answered: The member who Rain likes the most: Seungho, The visual member: Mir, the most popular member: Seungho, Mir for a tied 1st.

We showed them the picture of MBLAQ’s faces combined, and they remarked that it looked like G.O. and Seungho, and that it was very fresh.

Lee Joon is popular in Japan, Mir in Brazil because he looks like Ronaldo, Seungho and Thunder in Taiwan and Thailand, and they feel like KPOP is becoming a huge trend all around the world.

MBLAQ said that their goal when they debuted was to become like Rain, and it is still a dream for them to be able to perform with Rain.

Meet MBLAQ who has loyalty to overpass Rain on Issue and People.