MBLAQ has released a video of choreography for “Run” which is their follow up song after “This is War”.

On March 1st, MBLAQ has released a dance practice video for “Run” on their YouTube channel. In the video, “bunshin no jutsu(the art of alter ego)” choreography which is to show a human body separate into the number of them attracted people.

Especially, the part Joon dances with brandishing swords freely was perfect as there is no inferiority to call it was a scene of the movie.

Netizenes commented “This is the true ability of shadow clone. Can’t wait to see on the stage”. “There is no one but only MBLAQ who can dance like this.”

As per MBLAQ’s office J.Tune Camp, “”Run” is originally planned for the intense performance. We worked hard on song composition and arrangement with imagining swords dance from the beginning. We hope to attract many overseas fans during Asia tour with this strong oriental performance.”

MBLAQ is to release “BLAQ% ver” which is the completed and upgraded version of “100% ver” and will continue promoting in both Korea and abroad.

Meanwhile, Seungho who got injured while pre-recording for Mnet Mcountdown is now taking a rest after the treatment in the hospital.

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Source: ORICON
Translation: yuka1226 @AbsoluteMBLAQ